Service IntervalPrice
Full service oil change (Most cars) What is it? 3000- 5000* Miles $31.95
Air Filter What is it? 10,000 – 15,000 miles Prices vary
Automatic  Transmission Flush 100% synthetic fluid What is it? 30,000-50,000 miles $99.95
CVT Automatic Transmission Fluid What is it? 30,000-50,000 miles $ 69.95 and up
Cabin Air Filter What is it? Six months to a year $ 39.95 most cars
Cooling System Service What is it? Two – Three years $ 79.95
Fuel  Induction  Cleaning What is it? 30,000-50,000 miles $ 39.95
Engine Flush What is it? As needed $ 39.95
Power Steering Flush What is it? 50,000- 100,000 miles $64.95
Wiper Blade Replacement What is it? Six months to a year $ 9.95 + up
100% Synthetic Full Service Oil Change What is it? 5000 miles * $ 54.95
Headlight Restoration What is it? As needed $59.95/pair

Full service oil change ( Synthetic blend Oil)

We change the oil up to five quarts, replace oil filter, lubricate any fittings, wash the windshield, vacuum the interior, fill the tires with air, top off all underhood fluids and check gearbox/differential fluid levels.

Air filter

The air filter in your car protects the engine from dust, bugs and airborne contaminants from entering the engine. In time this filter will get dirty and make it more difficult for your engine to breath..

Automatic Transmission Flush 100% synthetic fluid

The transmission service uses a special machine that is connected in line with the cooling lines on your vehicles transmission. The vehicle is started and our machine cycles old fluid out of your car and puts back in new fluid at exactly the same rate. When done the whole system including the valve body, pan, torque converter, cooling lines and radiator have been flushed and replaced with new fluid. This is in our opinion the best service for your transmission.

CVT Automatic Transmission fluid

Your constantly variable transmission in your car uses much different technology that the traditional planetary gearset in conventional automatic transmissions. The fluid in these transmissions specially made for this purpose and should be changed using only a specific fluid which we carry.

Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is part of your air conditioning system in your car. New cabin air filters maintain maximum air flow and reduce airborne dust and allergens.

Cooling System Service

Our cooling system flush draws out the old coolant from the radiator, reservoir , block and heater core. Fresh coolant is responsible for lubricating the water pump bearings as well as preventing corrosion inside your engine and keeping it cool.

Fuel Induction Cleaning

Our fuel induction cleaning introduces cleaning agent into the intake plenum and fuel system to remove deposits from your injectors and intake track. This maintains performance and best possible gas mileage.

Engine Flush

Some of us do forget to change our oil. Not changing your oil can leave deposits of sludge and contaminants inside your engine. Our engine flush service uses a special lubricating solvent inside your engine that works with a new oil filter we install to wash away contaminants within about five to ten minutes. Then we install another new oil filter with new oil. This way you can have a fresh start on keeping your engine clean with regular oil change intervals.

Power Steering Flush

Our power steering flush service cycles the old fluid and contamination out of the reservoir, pump , lines and steering rack. New fluid lubricates and maintains the rubber seals on the pump and steering rack and prevents leaks.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper blade replacement is quickly done at America’s Oil Express. We feature quality original style wipers for most cars new or old.

Full Service Oil Change (100% synthetic Oil)

Our full service oil change includes changing the oil and oil filter, Checking the level of all under hood fluids and topping them off, inspecting battery terminals(if accessible) lubricate the chassis (if applicable), vacuuming the interior, washing the windshield, checking and topping off of under car gear boxes. Checking and topping off tire pressure, checking that all lights work. Inspecting tire wear.

Headlight restoration

The outer lens on most modern cars is made of clear plastic that will fade over time when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Typically it is the outer layer of plastic that becomes yellow and cloudy which greatly decreases the effectiveness of your headlights and makes your car look older than it is. Our restoration service includes using a special sander to remove the outer layer of plastic from your headlight housing. We then sand the surface again with a finer sandpaper and apply a special coating that dries to a hard gloss finish. We do warranty this service for one year but recommend waxing the headlight lens as well as your car when performing a handwax. This will protect your headlights the same way it protects your cars finish.


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